Anti Aging Vitamins

Anti aging vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are crucial for maintaining health, wellness and longevity. As we age, our bodies produce and/or absorb lesser amounts of nutrients needed to combat the signs and symptoms of aging. Damage to our cells from oxidation, pollution, stress and free radicals accumulates and affects our cell’s abilities to repair and regenerate. When we are young, our bodies can keep up with the task of repair and growth. As we age past 25 years old, our bodies ability to keep up gradually fades and the effects of aging start to show.Our cells mitochondria – the engine of the cell, becomes damaged and less efficient at producing energy. The ability to absorb nutrients and discard cellular waste adversely affects the cells function and repair. Our bodies chemical and electrical signals become delayed and do not react timely to free radicals, parasites, stress and inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the body unable to effectively deal with the condition it is attempting to correct.Anti Aging Products
Anti aging products, anti aging skin cream and anti wrinkle products all contain anti aging nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 EFA – essential fatty acids, carotenoids, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, CoQ10 – coenzyme Q10, growth hormone, resveratrol and green tea are some of the nutrients that protect our cells. Free radicals and oxidation are two of the main culprits involved in the aging process. These nutrients mentioned all help fight oxidation and free radical damage – especially DNA damage and repair.These anti aging supplements slow and reverse aging in two ways. The first is prevention of cellular damage by free radicals by their antioxidant properties. The second way is by the activation of the telomerase enzyme which protects and extends the length of telomeres. Telomeres are on the ends of DNA strands and determine the number of times a cell can divide. By extending the telomeres, you are extending a healthy lifespan or longevity of the cells hence the longevity of the body.The Main Anti Aging VitaminsVitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D (actually a hormone)
Vitamin EJust about every vitamin and mineral either directly or indirectly has a part in an anti aging process. A deficiency can cause aging or the inability to combat the effects of aging. The hormonal and immune systems play a major role in the rate of aging. The body is a symphony of chemical and electrical signals and actions and reactions. Just one nutrient, hormone, toxin or signal can cause a cascading effect throughout the body affecting it’s ability to repair itself.Men and women’s growth, repair and decline are driven by hormone levels. The main hormones that effect us as we age are; testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, insulin, DHEA, growth hormone… As we age, our hormones decline and become unbalanced – this contributes to the signs of aging:Weight gain
Muscle loss
Hair loss
Wrinkles and age spotsThere are many more “symptoms of aging” that in reality are nutritional deficiencies, hormone level related and lack of exercise. These are all under our control if we wish to take action. Eating right, exercising and supplementing with anti aging vitamins, minerals and other anti-aging supplements will go far in extending a healthy and younger looking appearance.

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