Where to Sell Your SEO

The sale of SEO is definitely applicable to everyone who needs it. Why not? You’re an SEO provider and it’s your obligation to present your business to those who need it. However, with the ubiquitous presence of businesses and websites online, knowing who to call first is a problem for many SEO sellers.My company targets the following prospects:Local businesses. There’s no doubt that there are still thousands of local businesses that need SEO. Start with the small businesses around you. Look for businesses such as fruit shake kiosks, ice cream stands, and tattoo shops. These have a lot to gain from SEO.New sites. These sites are often hard to find yet easy to win over. Finding new websites can be difficult. One way of finding such sites is by going to Google’s last search results pages, or by literally looking over each results page. Some SEO companies have a special ‘search and encoding’ team that looks for new websites through Google Maps. Although these new sites are vulnerable because of their hunger for search engine attention and success, some of them don’t include SEO in their promotion methods. In such cases, you need to use your SEO expertise and marketing skills to convince them.Previous victims of fake SEO companies. Looking for business owners who’ve had experiences with fake SEO companies isn’t that hard. Convincing them to give the method another try is the tough part. These business owners need proof, evidence, and testimonies of your services’ legitimacy.Popular brands with poor online presence. Many say that popular brands do not need SEO. That is absolutely true. However, popular brands that struggle through regular marketing and advertising methods may benefit from SEO. Actually, majority of most brands today use SEO as a marketing strategy.Mobile SEO. There is a high demand for mobile websites today. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, targeting businesses that need mobile versions of their sites is a good move.Related SEO sites. Selling SEO to other SEO companies isn’t illegal. In fact, many SEO companies entrust their own websites to other companies. Some of them say that they need to focus on optimizing their clients’ websites and that it would be time-consuming to optimize their own sites, while others say that they want to separate their own SEO from their main job. I think this is quite reasonable. My company handled SEO campaigns for 10 SEO companies several years ago, and some of them are still my partners!Celebrity websites. Convincing busy celebrities to have their sites optimized is difficult. Even encouraging their assistants and managers is considered as hard labor. However, targeting celebrities as potential clients is a clever act. Target the rising stars, or those who have clothing lines, music labels, and other businesses. I have a friend who has a pool of SEO Resellers ┬áthat focus on managing SEO for celebrities’ websites.

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